Friday, December 28, 2012

So, we bought a house.

Seven months ago we purchased our first home- an old farmhouse style dwelling in small-town Columbus, WI.  Built in 1895, it is on the city's register of historic homes (according to the sign that hangs on the front door, anyway) and like all new homeowners, we were foolishly looking forward to all the blood sweat and tears it would take to make the place OURS.  

We spent the summer painting, sanding, restoring, and spending, and sweating ("historic charm" means "no central air") and we continue to make changes large and small, although we are freezing more so than sweating these days. Also, we utter a lot of discouraging 4-letter words.  I created this blog to keep family and friends updated on our latest projects, and to share information about things we have learned so that others may learn from the wisdom of our (many) mistakes.  

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