Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nightstand Nightmares: The Sequel

Since the completion of my last night stand project, I have been busy amassing new projects while successfully ignoring the fact that we are still in need of a second night stand.  We actually have an old one that Lance has had since he was but a wee tot and the plan was to paint it to match the other one.  But I was already dreaming of new things and wasn't all that motivated to paint yet another nightstand gray and white.  Finally I set a goal for myself that I could not start something new until I finished this one, and then sort of cheated by starting this and another project at the same time.  

So, this was my starting point:

A basic 40's-50's style 3-drawer nightstand (in the background you can view a glimpse of my other work in progress, but that's for another post).  This stand is made from soft wood (pine?) and is full of tons of dents and scratches.  I opted not to fill those in with wood filler because I figure it's just going to collect more dents as time goes on anyway, so filling them in now is pretty futile.  

I started by removing the wooden drawer pulls and sanding the whole thing down with fine grit sandpaper.  This took less than 10 minutes because the wood is so soft and there was only a thin layer of stain.  I then did just one coat of primer (leftover from house projects- same as last time), two coats of paint, and one coat of clear satin polyurethane on the top and drawer fronts.  And I added the same vintage style black glass knobs to match the other stand.  And here is the final result:

It's taller and quite a bit smaller than the other one, but the way the space is laid out, there isn't really enough room for a larger night stand in this corner.  So instead of two of the same ones, we just opted for same colors and different shapes.

So now that this project is finished....the felines have yet another thing they can climb from which to dive bomb our heads in the middle of the night.  Great.

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