Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Next Step

Today we returned from a relaxing week up north in a cabin that unlike or home, had cable TV.  Most of the time we really don't miss having cable- between non-cable channels and Hulu, we've been pretty content.  However, I admit we do really miss HGTV.  And so whenever we have access to cable, we end up watching way too much HGTV and DIY for our own good.  We returned home around noon today and after greeting two freakishly excited cats, we set about unloading the car, sorting through the mail, etc.  Mid-afternoon Lance decided to make a run to the grocery store and since I absolutely LOATHE going to the Pick n' Save in town, I opted to stay home. My plan was to just relax and hang out with the attention-starved felines, maybe take a nap, and to have a snack- a delicious cranberry muffin leftover from breakfast.

 Like pretty much everything to do with our foyer-in-progress (and "progress" is really a strong word), I don't even know how it happened! Those of you who have been to our home have undoubtedly noticed the dirty once-white carpet on our stairs- and by "noticed" I mean "gingerly navigated your way around the loose carpet death trap."

It's not only unsightly, it is a serious safety hazard.  Our intent was to leave it down until we paint in there, to protect the stairs underneath from drips, however in the past few months it has gotten looser and looser and the staples holding the carpet down have started to work their way to the surface so that we are constantly finding (ie stepping on) rogue staples lying on the steps. 

And so today, it was like the perfect storm: all hopped up from my sugary muffin and fresh off a week of home improvement shows, and I stepped on a staple.  And suddenly, I'd had enough. Next thing I know, I'm changed into my grubby work clothes and utility knife in hand, I'm attacking the carpet with reckless abandon.

Turns out not ALL of the staples were loose... and some were actually large nails.  And underneath I found literally PILES of dirt, several layers (and colors) of paint, and some rubber stair treads glued firmly to each step.  In the picture you can see that at some point someone just painted around whatever was there before (a runner, maybe?).  And...clearly these stairs are going to be a huge job.

When Lance came home, there I was, all red-faced and sweaty, dressed in work clothes, and lugging a vacuum up from the basement with a guilty look on my face.  He looked at me suspiciously and when he saw the stairway, exclaimed "I leave you alone for less than an hour and you're tearing the house apart!!?" His scolding was short-lived however, when I discovered that by letting him go to the grocery store unattended, he'd come home with (among other things) FOUR containers of ice cream (we already had 2 in the freezer) and a package of cookies.  All of this excitement was too much for me, so I curled up on the couch for a nap.  When I woke up, Lance exclaimed "you're like a big toddler! You got all hopped up on sugar, tore the house apart, and then crashed!"
Maybe so, but given the enormity of the stair project I uncovered, I need all the rest I can get.