Monday, August 12, 2013

Foyer Foibles

So in my last post, you saw the end result of my brutal yet short-lived attack on our stairs in the foyer, so undoubtedly you are expecting to see an update of that project.  For the record, I would love to have an update to give on that project, but sadly that is not the case today.  We did actually finish taking down all of the remnants of wallpaper (which involved some very nerve-wracking work on a ladder perched on the stairway), patch many more holes and cracks, consider (and reject) the idea of skim coating the walls, purchase primer, and officially choose a paint color.  However, as usual, we ran into a bit if a snag.

When we removed the cheap molding around the ceiling downstairs, we discovered a 1-inch gap between the top of the wall and the ceiling where the plaster had completely disintegrated to nothing. Rather than fix it properly, the previous homeowners just slapped some molding over the top and left it. But before covering it up, the culprit responsible for this shoddy display of crap-manship signed his name to the wall.  So Art Hruska, we are looking for you.
Good ol' Art actually signed his name in TWO places- the other spot is much more legible, I just don't have a picture of that part.  I also realized I don't have good photos of the widest parts of the plaster gap, so you'll just have to take my word for it on that.

 At first we thought we might be able to repair the plaster ourselves, but as Lance got up on a ladder to scrape the last remnants of wallpaper, a large (like 6-7" diameter) chunk of plaster came loose from the wall.  At this point, we had to admit that we were in over our heads and resolve to call in a professional. And so, until we can find a qualified plaster repair person, we are once again on hold.  *sigh*

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