Thursday, March 27, 2014

Before and After: Dining Room

Today we take a walk down memory lane that ends at our dining room.  One of the main things that attracted us to this house was the large formal dining room, with its wood floors, high ceilings wallpaper border? Since our visions of big family dinners did not include heavy brothel-like curtains and hunter green walls, we had to do some major redecorating.

Silly us, at first we thought it would be a relatively simple project.  After all, it was just a matter of some paint, right?  But we neglected to consider just how large the room is.  We are talking a LOT.OF.PAINTING here, people.  WHY did we think doing three different colors was a good idea!!? And we tried to get all fancy and add a chair rail, which turned out to be a nightmare because this was the first time we noticed that our house has perhaps settled a bit over the last 120 years.  How do you install a chair rail when the floor isn't level!? Measure from the ceiling? The floor? Because no matter what you do, part of it is going to look slanted and uneven! Luckily at this point we had my dad on hand to help and somehow it ended up working out (as long as you don't come over with a level and check our work too closely).

The whole project took about two weeks from start to finish.

I got the idea to paint the edge of the door red from something I saw in a magazine. I kind of like the extra bit of red in such an unexpected place.

Pay no attention to the feline snoozing on the radiator by the windows!

One of my favorite little details- the antique glass curtain tie backs.

So far since we've re-done the dining room, we've hosted a few big gatherings- namely our housewarming party and our wedding rehearsal dinner, and it's worked out very well!

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