Sunday, May 4, 2014

Deck Disaster

You may recall one of my first blog posts from last summer, when we decided to resurface our deck. We used a product by Pittsburgh Paints called "Revitalize" that was brand new at the time, so we were unable to find any reviews online, but decided to take a gamble.  Well, we will not be booking a vacation to Vegas anytime soon, because this was one gamble we lost.  BIG TIME.

Here's what the deck looked like before:

And after several days in the blistering hot sun cleaning and prepping, painting on several coats, and following the instructions explicitly, here's how the deck looked:

And NOW, less than a year later, here is what we are left with:

This stuff is coming off in huge sheets all over the place.

Even in places that get NO foot traffic- like railings.

Now, I should also note that we BARELY used the deck at all last summer. We hosted one large party (the rehearsal dinner for our wedding) but that was before we re-did the deck, and for the rest of the summer we hardly went out there other than to eat dinner once in a while.  There is absolutely NO reason this should be happening, especially considering this stuff is supposed to have a "satisfaction guaranteed" warranty.  However, the "warranty" is limited to a refund of the purchase price, or a product replacement (meaning another one of their low-quality useless products). So the refund does not cover the cost of having to strip the entire deck and start over, nor does it cover the hours of labor required to do so.  Luckily this stuff peels off so easily, stripping the deck shouldn't be too difficult.  Of course we didn't save our receipt from almost a year ago, so we aren't eligible for a refund anyway (all the more reason to save your receipts for everything!).  I did contact Pittsburgh Paints customer service, but never received a reply. A quick web search shows that we are not alone in our terrible experience- it looks like there are a LOT of angry deck owners out there.

So, the moral of the story is this: if something is too new to have customer reviews, turn around and walk away! And do not be seduced by the lower price!   Sometimes it is worth it to pay more for a better product.   Finally, do NOT buy anything made by my new nemesis,  Pittsburgh Paints!

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