Saturday, July 5, 2014

Custom Radiator Cover

Yeah! 4th of July weekend! America! Woo Hoo! And what better way to celebrate than with patriotic t-shirts, a parade, and....a new custom made radiator cover for the living room! Wait, what?

Well, my parents visited us last weekend and as usual, their visit included a lot of work around the house. It started when my mom and I spotted Lance and my dad scurrying up the stairs muttering about taking the screen off a window.  Next thing I know, Lance is up on the roof and my dad is running around on the ground handing things up to him.  Turns out they got it in their heads that the gutters needed to be cleaned.  Once that was done, they set about putting together the radiator cover my dad built for us. 

When we first moved in, we found two old metal radiator covers in the basement, so we hauled them up, cleaned off the rust, and painted them.  

We were so happy with the result that we've been looking for more covers for two years now.  After scouring craigslist regularly and making calls to various Habitat ReStores to no avail, we figured it was a long shot we would ever find one for the living room. 

But then we remembered that we have a talented carpenter at our disposal.  :)  So last time my parents visited my dad took careful measurements, and headed home to his workshop.  And by the time they visited this time, all we had to do was put together and paint the new one!

We debated for a long time about what color to paint this one- the living room has so much brown in it already, we didn't really want to add more to it, and we thought using the same dark orange color we have on the TV cabinet would be orange overload.  Finally we settled on antique white in hopes that it would brighten up the room and match the other ones in the house.  The cool thing about this one is that my dad took the long copper shelf (also found in the basement and requiring several hours of cleaning) that we've had sitting on top of the radiator and inset it into the top of the new cover.  We were a little unsure about how the copper would work with the gold metal grates that we'd chosen, but in the end we decided to leave the grates gold.  

So after a few coats of paint and polycrylic, this morning Lance attached the grates and we moved it into the living room.

We are thrilled with how good it looks! The white color brightens up the room and the wider ledge makes a perfect snoozing spot for the felines.

 We had to bribe them with treats to get them to stay up there so we could take a picture, but judging from how much time they spent napping on the radiator before, I'm pretty confident that once they get used to it they'll spend most of the day up there supervising activity at the bird feeder outside. 

And in backyard fence news, stay tuned because the old pine tree is DOWN, the plans are drawn, and on Monday we will be off to City Hall to apply for the building permit. We are THIS close to having a neighbor-free backyard!

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