Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fence Finishes

Well another school year has started and as usual, we've gotten busy with work and the pace of home improvement projects has slowed considerably.  But since we are in the midst of some gorgeous fall weather, we have been able to get outside and finish a few things up.  Namely, the fence.  I know, you probably thought it was all done, didn't you? When we last left off, here is what we had:

In August, Lance built a gate for the opening in the back and the next step was to coat the fence with a sealant.  After reading a lot of reviews, we chose one made by Wolman called F&P (Finish & Preservative) Exterior Wood Stain. Unfortunately, we had to wait for a while because we needed to have a few days of dry weather before coating the fence, and a few days afterward as well.  Finally this week we had a good forecast and Lance was able to get started.  He started off using our handheld sprayer, but soon found that it was just too small and it wasn't spraying well.  So he bought a backpack-style one and found that it worked much better.  And the bonus is that it made him look like a Ghostbuster when he wore it- I only wish I'd thought to take a picture of that!  It took a few days, and he had to go back over quite a few parts with a brush, but it ended up looking pretty good!

The final touch was to put caps on all of the fence posts.  Not only does this make them look cool, it also helps keep moisture from soaking in.  That would be REALLY bad since those babies are seriously cemented into the ground, so having to replace a water-damaged post would be a nightmare involving a jackhammer.  We decided to do a combination of post caps, alternating solar lights and copper (or rather, plastic that looks like copper). The lights are attached with screws and we adhered the other ones with caulk. They probably won't withstand a tornado or anything, but as I said yesterday, if we have a tornado, I think fence post caps will be the least of our worries.

I tried to take a picture of them at night, but I was using the camera on my phone and this was the best I could do.  You will just have to trust me when I say they look awesome all lit up.

Meanwhile, we have a bunch of other non-fence things in the works, one of which is almost done, so check back soon for updates!

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