Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Table

You may recall way back in April when Lance came home with a carload of furniture he bought from someone on Craigslist.  At this point we have re-done and either sold or used everything from that purchase, with the exception of one table. It was similar to this one, but shorter and narrower.  It had a great weathered wood top, but unfortunately the wooden legs were rotted.  Originally we thought we would just cut down the legs above the rotted part and turn it into a great coffee table.  However, the more Lance worked on it, the more rotted parts he found, and the more it fell apart.  So we scrapped the idea altogether and kept only the wooden planks for the top.  They've been sitting in our garage ever since, while we waited to find just the right legs to finish it off.

FINALLY in September, we decided at the last minute to go to the citywide garage sales in Waterloo.  It was Saturday morning and we got a late start, so we weren't too optimistic that we'd find anything good that day.  But we happened upon a sale where a lady was getting rid of furniture from a friend's estate, and while we were there, she just happened to bring out a table that had been made from the top of an old Globe Wernicke book case and some metal hairpin legs.  We picked it up for $10, mainly just because we liked the legs (and normally a set of them costs at least $40, so we figured $10 was a great bargain).

Lance decided that the legs would be perfect for the boards we had sitting in the garage, so he got to work cleaning them up, sanding them down, and staining them.

He filled in the old nail holes with wood filler, then sanded it down, stained it a dark walnut color, and finished it off with several coats of a satin poly. Then he added some wood pieces to the underside to hold the planks together and provide some stability so that he could attach the legs.

We have been debating for the last week about what to do with the table.  We thought about taking it to the antique mall, but given the moisture in the air there, we were worried the boards would warp, and after several incidents in which furniture in our booth has been ruined (either intentionally or by careless mall customers, not sure which), we weren't sure we wanted to risk putting it there. Plus, we both really liked the table, and I don't think either of us were in a hurry to see it go.

Then this morning, I started thinking about trying to put it in our living room as a coffee table.  At 23" tall, its a little high, and it seemed too big for the space we have, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

And as it turns out, WE.LOVE.IT. I'm sure there are plenty of high priced designers out there who would cringe, because this is the wrong "scale" for the room, but the height is actually perfect because we pretty much live in this room (it is a "living room," after all) so the table functions as a desk, place to eat, and work space.

So of course once we figured out that the table actually worked, I decided I wanted to take photos so I could share them on this blog.  This meant having to clean the living room (ie toss the clutter to the side so that it wasn't in the shot). Then Lance decided that the stuff on the wooden tray (which we used to have on top of a large leather ottoman) really needed to be dusted and washed. And as I was rearranging the pillows on the couch, I decided that there is just way too much brown in the room and that we should really change out the pillows on the couch to brighten it up.  Luckily, I just got a new sewing machine last week (!!), and once I get better at using it (so far all I've managed to do is thread it and sew some random seams in fabric scraps, but I have plans.  BIG plans.) I can make easy pillow covers to go right over the existing cushions on the back.  Then, when I uploaded the photos, I discovered all kinds of cool photo editing software I didn't know we had, which has given me even MORE ideas.  So, the simple act of putting the table in the living room has led to a whole new list of things to do.

I also wanted to comment on the flowers on the table because they are possibly the best $5 we ever spent.  We have a flower bed along our driveway that is a mess.  The dirt is terrible quality, it is full of rocks, and we have not been able to get anything to grow there.  Finally out of desperation we bought a bag full of zinnia seeds mixed with fertilizer (it was on clearance).  All we had to do was dump them on top of the soil, water them and wait.  They sprouted pretty quickly, then took a couple of months to actually bloom, but when they did, they bloomed like crazy!!! And they are extremely hearty flowers- we have had a couple of mornings of frost and they are still looking fresh.  Most of the ones in the picture have been in the vase for over a week now (a couple are new ones I added this morning), and they haven't even started to wilt. I definitely plan to do this again in other parts of our yard next spring!

My next task for today is to spend some more time with the sewing machine, so that I can make new pillows for the couch.  Hopefully that doesn't turn out like the scarf I started knitting for Lance almost two years ago......maybe I will finish that in time for Christmas 2017.......