Saturday, May 9, 2015


I just realized I haven't actually posted anything since Christmas! I wish I could say it's because we've been sooo busy doing all kinds of cool things, but..... it's really just because we haven't really done much since then! Now that the weather is FINALLY nice again and we are back into garage sale season, we have quite a few things in the works, but none are done yet.  Soon,  I promise!

Today we spent the majority of the day working out in the yard.  I had planned on it not taking too long, but several hours and two trips to Menard's later......  Everyone who knows me knows I have TERRIBLE spatial reasoning skills, so I *think* I have enough plants, only to realize I don't have enough dirt, and then I don't have the right size pots, and so on and so forth.  I do this every year, you'd think I'd have learned by now.

Anyway, so the yard is looking MUCH better, but is still a work in progress since most of the plants have not bloomed yet, so they're looking pretty small and sad.  Meanwhile it is apparently the annual "hillbilly campout" weekend next door again, because our lovely neighbors (the inspiration for our fence) have a camper in their side yard and about 20 people gathered in the front yard yelling and crushing beer cans on their foreheads or whatever it is that they do over there.  If only we could have built the fence higher.....

So I thought I would post a couple of pictures of just a few of the plants from today.  Once everything is in full bloom, I will add photos of that too.

We have two VERY old lilac trees on the side of our house.  We actually built the fence around them so that we wouldn't have to take them out.  There is a white one and a purple one, and both are just starting to bloom.

Last summer we had herbs growing in pots on the deck.  This year we are trying something a little different and hanging them on the side of the garage.  I am planning to make some nicer labels for them, but for now they just have the store tags stuck in there so we know which is which.

This galvanized metal tub is one of my favorite planters- the plants in it haven't filled in yet, but it still looks pretty nice as it is:

And we have amassed quite the collection of Dutch kissers in the yard.  They remind me of home :)
Here's the first one we ever got- the one Lance found at an estate sale down the street and came home waving them triumphantly over his head.

This pair came from an auction last summer and they are made of cement, so they are HEAVY!

Aaaanndd here is the newest addition, purchased at an antique mall in Holland at Christmastime.  The little old ladies at the counter sold them to us with tightly pursed lips (think the old "Church Lady" sketches on SNL) which really only encouraged us to loudly pronounce that we support same sex marriage as we strolled out the door and buckled them into the back seat of our car. :)

Now that the yard is (mostly) in order, we can get back to all of the other things we are working on. So stay tuned for updates over the next couple of weeks!

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