Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Arbor Day

After all of our hard work last year, it just doesn't feel like summer unless we're building a fence! Whenever I try to do something ill-advised, like carry too many grocery bags at once, Lance warns me, "don't be a hero!" In this case, maybe someone should have said that to both of us as we decided to finish off the fence by adding another section and an arbor on the side of the house. We actually bought the arbor last year but didn't have time to get to it before school started again, so after a whole winter of taking up a ton of space in the garage, we made it a priority to get it done this year.

Earlier this spring, we ripped down the makeshift trellis (made out of PVC pipes) and overgrown rose bushes that used to cover the windows of our parlor. Here's how it looked once that was done:

(Pay no attention to the double copyright notice on all of the photos- photo editing FAIL!)

Then Lance spent a couple of days putting the arbor together and sealing it:

Last year the absolute WORST part of building the fence was digging the post holes. This time around we only needed to do two holes and they weren't as deep since we were only doing a 4' tall fence for this section. So Lance was able to dig the holes by hand pretty easily and he didn't run into any tree roots or giant rocks, which made it much better. Then we added a layer of gravel and a few bags of cement (which can be mixed right in the hole) and let it set overnight.

Bright and early this morning we headed back out to put everything together. Thanks to a new corded drill we got from my parents as a Christmas present, it went fairly quickly! We did have to make an extra trip to the store in the middle because several of  the fence pickets we'd saved from last summer dried out and split over the winter and were no longer usable. But now that we're finished, we're pretty happy with the result!

We probably won't be able to seal the new part until later in the summer, but luckily it's just a small section, so that shouldn't take too much time. Now of course I just want to do some landscaping around it (as if I don't already have more than enough flowers to water every day). that Lance yelling "Don't be a hero!!"?   :)

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