Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Furniture

Now that we have completed the arbor in the side yard, we are working on clearing out some of the furniture projects that have been filling the garage for the past couple of months.  Most of them came from an especially good day of garage sale-ing in Waupun:

I actually had to use the panorama setting on my phone to get everything in one shot! And this doesn't even include a huge deco buffet with bakelite handles that didn't need any work (hooray for no work!).

Right away I started working on this set of wrought iron chairs:

They were in great shape but just needed a little facelift.  I removed the teal vinyl seat covers and replaced them with a durable outdoor fabric:

And spray painted them a bright emerald green color to match the pattern on the seat covers. I totally underestimated the amount of spray paint I would need to cover them all- those scroll backs have a LOT of surface area! I ended up making an extra trip back to the hardware store for more paint and used every drop of it.

I then moved on to this little nightstand that we picked up for $5.  And even better, at the same sale we picked up a gallon of paint for 50 cents, which just happened to be a perfect color!

Judging by the grooves inside, I think it used to have at least two shelves in the bottom, but those are long gone.  And not only did it have a not so pleasing shade of brown paint on it, it was SUPER smooth brown paint. So I had to sand the heck out of it with really coarse sandpaper to even get the primer to stick.  I've discovered that spray primer is an awesome thing when working on smaller pieces. It's so much faster and it gets into all of the little grooves and uneven parts much easier than a brush.  So in the end, it came out looking like this:

I think it would look really nice with a large basket in the shelf space underneath. Unfortunately the paint color looks different depending on the lighting- but the color is called Salty Sea by Pittsburgh Paints. It's a vintage looking bluish-minty green color that's really pretty, especially with the glass knobs. I lined the inside of the drawer with the shelf paper I got from the dollar bins at Target.

Meanwhile, I am just about finished with a project for our front porch that I've been working on for MONTHS! I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out, so hopefully I will be able to post pictures within the next few days.

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