Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kitchen Re-Do, Part Deux

Wait, what!? Didn't I already post about the newly painted kitchen? Yes. Yes I did.  Confused yet?  Well, let me just go back to the beginning when we were choosing the color.  We wanted a vintage minty green, like this one from Glamorous Housewife:

So we went with our usual color selection method of going to the Sherwin Williams website and using the color selection tool.  This has worked out really well for us in the past, with the new master bedroom, and the front porch, so we figured why mess with a good thing?  So we originally chose a color called Mint Condition, but at the last minute we changed our minds and decided to go with Aloe instead (even the name "Aloe" suggests GREEN, right?).  We were a little nervous to go with a full on minty color and the Aloe was a little less minty.  Or so we thought.

After the painter finished, we looked at the kitchen and realized it wasn't the least bit green.  It was full on BLUE.  Or teal to be more exact.  It was almost the same color as our foyer, which is a very pretty color for sure, but not quite what we were going for.

The worst part is that the color completely changed depending on the light.  In some places it looked like the green color we'd wanted, while other places is was bright blue.  But regardless of which color it appeared to be, it didn't match anything. Every single thing we tried to put in the room clashed with the walls.  Originally we decided to wait a little bit, get used to it, and then decide whether to repaint.  But pretty quickly we knew we needed to fix the color ASAP because it was driving us nuts.  And we wanted to get it done before school starts.  So within an hour of the painter leaving, we were off to the paint store to pick a new color, and feeling very defeated.

The guy at Sherwin Williams was actually really helpful.  When we explained the problem he asked us if there was any yellow in the room.  Of course our hideous linoleum floors are yellow toned! He explained that anything yellow toned (including maple woodwork) brings out blue tones.  So when choosing a color, we needed to go even farther to the greener end of the scale to make up for it.  So we chose three sample colors to take home and try out before we settled on a new color.  It was the last day of a 35% off sale, so they suggested we buy the paint we needed that day so we could get the discount and then just bring it back when we decided on a color and they would tint the paint for free.  So if you are planning on painting but aren't sure of a color yet, you can totally buy the paint when it's on sale and just come back when you're ready to add the color to it! Good to know for future reference!

Anyway, so we brought our samples home and painted them on the wall:

We painted them in several places in the room and left them for a few days to see how they looked in different lights.  Finally, we settled on a color called Jocular Green (or "Jockstrap Green" as I call it.  Because I'm mature like that). So last night and this morning we re-painted the walls that had just been done a few days ago.  Luckily we didn't have to prime, and we didn't have to do the cabinets and trim, so it actually went pretty quickly.  And NOW it looks just like what we wanted in the first place!

I made sure to take pictures before we moved most of the stuff back into the room, so it looks way cleaner than usual. :)

We still have a lot of plans for the room (shelves, floors, countertops, lighting....pretty much everything besides paint), but for the time being, we're just happy we finally got the paint color right!

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