Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Master Bedroom

I'm going to preface this post by noting that the master bedroom isn't completely done. BUT, as we're in the middle of a kitchen renovation we hadn't planned on (that's a long story for another post), our entire house is a shambles right now and we were anxious to just get ONE room looking even semi put-together. So I will update in the future once everything is actually done, but for now we're pretty happy with how this room has turned out.

As you may recall, what began as a simple re-painting project turned into a complete nightmare, thanks to the shoddy work of the people who sold us the house. The whole plan was to move into this room in order to fit a hanging rack for clothes so we could maximize storage space, and even though this is the smallest of the 3 bedrooms, it's the only one that has the configuration we needed.  Or so we thought......

So here's what it looked like before, when it was a guest room (the furniture is already taken out, we didn't make our guests sleep on the floor!):

The walls and ceiling were painted a really drab green color and the baseboards were painted brown but the rest of the trim was peeling white paint.  (Lance pointed out after the last post that this picture makes the room look way better than it really was, which is true.  Trust me, it was not pretty.)

So we ripped up the carpet (and the linoleum underneath), sanded the floors, scraped the peeling latex off from the moldings, treated it with de-glosser, then primed with an oil based primer and covered with latex paint.  We used Sherwin Williams paint- the walls are Chelsea Gray and the ceiling and trim are Pure White. On the floor we did a very light gray color called Rarified Air (it actually looks white) so that it would have some contrast with the baseboards, but also match the paint on the walls and in the hallway, since those floors were being painted too.  Here's the color palette we used:

This is another one of those times where I just chose paint colors based on what I found online and this color palette without ever seeing the color on a paint sample.  While that's a pretty risky way to choose a paint color, it's worked well for us in the past (like on our front porch and our foyer) so I figured why mess with a good system.

We looked everywhere for curtains, but weren't having a lot of luck. Everything was either the wrong color, or didn't come in the length we needed, etc. Finally as a last resort we checked Marshall's and happened upon these, which ended up being exactly what we needed (and WAY cheaper than anything else we'd seen).  We used the same length for both windows since the smaller window will be covered by the bed anyway, and this way both windows look like they're the same size.

The empty space here is where the clothing rack Lance is building will go and this dresser is one that Lance actually refinished. It turned out beautifully, though unfortunately I took these photos with my iphone, and the quality isn't as great as I would like. One of the issues we ran into when putting the furniture back into the room is that is was way more crowded than we anticipated.  Then we realized that the bed we used to have in here when it was a guest room was a full size, and we were replacing it with a queen size, so the scale of everything was way off.  Rookie mistake on our part, but not surprising, given our notoriously bad spatial reasoning skills. So the clothing rack Lance is building had to be scaled down a little bit in order to fit in the space. Hopefully that will be done and ready to go within the next week.

When we pulled up the carpet, we found the old cast iron floor grate, which was really cool. So we gave it a fresh coat of spray paint, and then since one of the louvers inside had a piece missing out of it, we caulked the louvers closed and then I covered the inside with shelf paper. So now if you look down into the grate, you just see a little bit of a gray and white pattern.

We still need to finish putting everything together (pictures on the walls, etc.) but for now, we are considering it to be good enough while we focus on getting everything else done before school starts in a week!

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